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Partner RoM strength and balance

Home Training

These are for any circus class folk who want to cross train at home 4 extra days a week!

Day 1

20-Minute Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout | Sweat with SELF

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Day 1

Day 2 (shoulders)



Hairspray tutorial


Practice to music:


Advanced floor to aerials training


Daily Shoulder care


Cool down




45 minute mobility workout


Doubles Trapeze doable sequence ideas:


Doubles Trapeze sequences


Duo trapeze (2 guys): inspiration


Duo trap training goals


Handstands tips


Dance Trapeze 


dance trapeze tutorial 


Great shoulder exercises to prepare for intense shoulder goals on aerials:

Shoulder Prep EXERCISES

  • Arm Circles Back 10x each way

  • Shoulder Rotations with the silks 8-10x

  • Reverse Table Top hold 15-30 counts

  • Seated Shoulder Stretch with arms reaching back hold 15-30 counts

  • Side-Lying Reverse Flag Arm 5x - press forearm into lower back and hold 10 counts, carefully lay back with your arm behind you 15-30 counts

  • Quad Stretch on Wall - optional yoga block under knee 20-30 counts each side


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